Cabin Fever Playlist Pt. 1

As everyone adjusts to changing schedules, routines, and work environments, there’s a lot of uncertainty in the air these days – the fear of experiencing “Cabin Fever” over the next few weeks is certainly one that has added to my overall anxiety. As with everything else though, I realize that there is nothing I can do to control the external circumstances we all have to navigate, but I can do my best to concentrate on the things I do have agency over.

Music is such an important part of my life, and something that I can always count on whether I am seeking solace after a bad day, searching for a way to feel more at one with my emotions, or simply in the mood for the kind of dance party that can only be had with an upbeat 80’s pop playlist playing in the background. As the next few weeks progress, I know one thing that will continue to bring me joy, and it is discovering new music, and curating a playlists that will make each day just a little bit brighter.

With that said, here is the first installment of the Cabin Fever Series –

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