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The Best Jacket for Late Fall

I don’t know about you, but I am someone who immediately, and dramatically declares that it is winter upon the first truly cold autumn day. I know that the first day of winter isn’t technically until the 21st, but to me, the chilly temperatures signify the end of fall, and the quick transition into winter.

The best part of this transition, however, is that it’s still warm enough to wear lighter coats and jackets (once the below freezing weather is here to stay you will not find me in anything but my puffy winter parka). My favorite jacket this season has been this cropped bomber jacket from J.Crew. It’s cozy, but still light enough to wear on a typical fall day in the northeast.

The first time I wore this jacket was a few weeks ago while wandering around the city, and it proved to be perfect for the 50 degree weather during the day, and the cooler temperatures at night. I also love how it transforms a simple jeans-and-a-t-shirt look into something that stands out.

Below I’ve linked my outfit, along with a few of my other favorite bomber jackets this season including a few great options for colors if you’re looking for something that pops!

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